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Philips HP8100/46 Hair Dryer

Jan 21, 2019
Philips HP8100/46 Hair Dryer

This Philips hair dryer makes your hair smoother and easier to style. Its a good product and very basic. Does the Job very well for the price.

Perfect Daytime Skincare Routine

Dec 12, 2018
 Perfect Daytime Skincare Routine

Hey beaties!

Yea! Makeup makes you beautiful but imagine having natural healthy beautiful skin. Wouldn't it be great? So today we are here to talk about skin care routine, its important and step to step guide for your daily regimen.


So the first step in your daytime skincare routine is cleansing. Start by washing your face with gentle face cleanser suitable for your skin. Don't go for expensive products just because you have seen some insta or youtube babe using it, go for the products which suits your face. According to Joanna Czech,"We are all different and our skin requires different things, when we copy other people, we are doing what is best for their skin, not ours." And also take some time to message your face before rinsing, in that way you will be able to boost the circulation and your face will look more fresh and healthy.


Exfoliate helps in removing dead cells which results in enhancing your skin tone. Now this step should not be repeated daily unlike other steps. Find a mild scrubber according to your skin and scrub your face twice or thrice a week.


Perfect Daytime Skincare Routine

Dec 12, 2018
 Perfect Daytime Skincare Routine


Now the next step is applying toner. The main purpose of toner is to shrink pores and maintain the pH level of your skin but some people use to skip this step because they find it harsh on their skin specially people with sensitive skin but thats not the case anymore because now a days these new toners serves multiple purpose without being harsh, so before buying any toner you just have to make a little investigation about it, if you are buying it online then go through the comments, check some reviews on youtube and also search it on google. According to your skin concern choose the toner because each type of toner is intended for different skin issue.

Face serum

The purpose of serum and moisturizer is same i.e. to help skin retain moisture but that does not mean that serums are moisturizer. Serum cannot replce moisturizer but it can boost the hydrating effect. Serum have poweful ingrediants and is made up of smaller molecules which deeply penetrates the skin. Take a few drops of face serum in your hand, warm it up in between your palms and gently press it on your skin.


Perfect Daytime Skincare Routine

Dec 12, 2018
 Perfect Daytime Skincare Routine


The second last step is to apply moisturizer. Skin care routine is incomplete without moisturizer. A suitable moisturizer can help prevent and treat dry skin, improve skin tone and texture, prevent skin from harmful environment factor. Apply moisturizer immediately after applying serum.


Wear SPF everyday! even in cloudy days. Don't look at the sky and choose whether you have to wear sunblock cream or not because sun is up there beating down harmful UV rays even in cloudy days which we are not aware of. "I think one of the biggest mistakes that people make is not protecting the skin against sun damage . The sun is harmful for your skin. Sun damage is not always immediately visible, but it shows up years later in the form of pigmentation" said by Shani Darden, Aesthetician.  And lastly i would like to add that eat healthy because if you are healthy from inside it will reflect outside that is on your skin.




Biotique Cucumber Toner Review

Dec 05, 2018
Biotique Cucumber Toner Review

Toner is the mid-step in the  skin care routine. It helps in shrinking the appearance of pores, restoring the pH level of your skin. Toner is more helpful for people with acne-pores skin.

Biotique Bio Cucumber Pore Tightening Toner

Biotique toner comes in a plastic cylindrical bottle, containing 120 ml. The smell of the toner is strong.  It claims that "This refreshing, pore tightening toner brings the complexion into perfect pH balance and helps keep skin in its purest state".

I have been using this toner for about 3-4 months. After using it for a while i found out that it started giving me a subtle glow, my skin looked more clear and fresh, it absolutely tighten the pores, the difference in the skin can be felt with time but it's a big No for people with sensitive skin, i will never recommend people with sensitive skin to buy this toner. This product claims to be 100% ayurvedic but it does contain alcohol which is not mentioned in the ingredients. According to some people who buyed this toner complained that they get red rashes on their skin when they apply this toner, some get pimples while some suffer from skin breakouts. This toner doesn't suits every skin type.



How to choose perfect foundation shade for you

Dec 02, 2018
How to choose perfect foundation shade for you

Foundation is the base of your makeup, the purpose of foundation is to perfect your existing skin tone by covering the uneven skin tone, spots, and blotches but some people use foundation to create a fairer skin tone which is wrong, going a shade lighter will completely look unnatural. So here are some tips to find a perfect foundation for your skin tone.

Know your skin type

How do you describe your skin? Oily, combination, dry or normal? because that's what you have to keep in your mind while buying a pefect foundation for you. Girls with oily skin should go for oil free or mattyfying foundation and for dry skin go for hydrating and moisturizing foundation.

Find the right shade

Swipe foundation shade from your cheek to your jawline (Do this in natural light, near a window or head outside because hard overhead lighting can cast unflattering shadows) now gently blend it into your skin. Do the same with another foundation. The shade that disappears into your skin is the right one.


Blue Heaven Splash Super Matte Lipstick

Nov 30, 2018
Blue Heaven Splash Super Matte Lipstick

Read Below!

Affordable nude lipstick for college going girls

Nov 30, 2018
Affordable nude lipstick for college going girls

Hey beauties!

Today we are going to talk about a nude matte lipstick which is affordable and best for college/office going girls.

Blue Heaven Splash Super Matte lipstick

I was always in search of a nude lipstick which looks perfect and at the same time does not look too loud on lips and to my surprise Blue Heaven Matte lipstick was the one, i had never thought Blue Heaven could ever pleasantly surprise me since i was not a  fan of Blue Heaven's products but must say i will definitely buy it again. They are available in 12 beautiful shades. I have two of them- Plum Desire and Chocolate mood (The best nude shades, they are best for college and office going girls).The packaging is simple and cute. I got it for ₹175  from Nykaa (available offline and online), Quantity is 2.7 grams.These two shades goes very well with every skin tone. It gives a super matte finish, just two swipes and you are done. If you are looking for some party kind of shade then go for Aged wine. It stays for 4-5 hours, it get transfer but leaves a good amount of colour behind. Removing it is also very easy with any wet wipe or cleanser.

" Overall i loved the product, with this low price you get an amazing product"

Affordable Liquid Lipstick available in India

Nov 24, 2018
Affordable Liquid Lipstick available in India

Whats one thing that can light up your whole makeup look? I will say Lipstick, and now a days liquid matte lipsticks are so trendy. So today we are going to talk about Matte me liquid lipstick.Their full name is 'Incolor Matte Me Ultra Smooth Lip Cream'. They comes in variety of shade. The formula  of this lipstick is actually ultra smooth, the texture is velvety. They feel very light on the lip. The quantity of this lipstick is 6ml. I got this for ₹265 from Nykaa (If you are planning to purchase it from Nykaa than be careful with the shades because the shades that are displayed there may vary from the real one).  It lasts up to 7-8 hours with no hassle. The pigmentation is perfect. The shade no. i have is 403 which is bright pink shade that is neither too light nor too dark which is perfect for fair to medium skin tone.

What i liked -

  • Affordable Price
  • Texture
  • Staying power
  • Pigmentation

What i dont like-

  • Removing this lip cream is difficult but not with a good makeup remover.
  • It dries out your lip.
  • Has no fragrance



NYX Intense Butter Gloss review

Nov 21, 2018
NYX Intense Butter Gloss  review

NYX Intense Butter Gloss

NYX Professional makeup butter gloss are the gloss lippies with variety of shades. The texture is shimmer-less plain.The smell is gorgeous. Staying power is for 3-4 hours without eating and drinking, 2-3 hours with light meals, the shine may go off but leaves a colour behind. They are highly pigmented but they can get transfer easily. 'Tosted Marshmallow' is perfect shade for wheatish complexion, its pink nude wih brown undertone.

Naykaa - My experience

Nov 17, 2018
Naykaa - My experience

Nykaa is an e-commerce website dealing with makeup products, skin care products, personal care products, appliances etc. I am a Nykaa customer from past 3 years.

  • Products - Nykaa products are vast and authentic. Big brands such as m.a.c, Huda beauty, NYX etc, their products are available here which are hard to find online from somewhere else in india ( because most probably you will end up getting a fake one).
  • Offer/Discount - Whenever you will open the Nykaa app or website you will always find a offers and discount going around and specially in festive seasons.
  • Delivery - Till now i have not faced any problem with their delivery system but some peoples are there who are not so happy with their delivery system.        
  • Customer service - Their customer service is better than before because Once i received a lipstick whos shade was totally different from what i ordered, i wrote to them about the situation but they did nothing other than apologising, after some times i again received a lipstick which was completely broken, i again wrote to them but this time they did not only said sorry but also issued a 100 rupees coupon for me.     


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